About the author 

Alexander Khan was born to mixed race parents in 1970s Britain. Age 3, he is abducted from his white mother and shipped off to northern Pakistan by relatives from his father side. He never saw his mother again.  
Still only a boy and all the odds against him, Alexander made a life-threatening bid to escape from a Taliban madrassa (a notorious Islamic school) and makes his way back to England via a series of astonishing adventures. 
When he turned 20, Alexander joined the British army, and during his time in the military he successfully completed P COMPANY, a brutal physical and psychological trail outside SAS selection. 
As a military Parachutist, Alexander was also active in various sports including Regimental boxing, Skydiving, Climbing and Skiing in Bavaria. He served overseas in Germany, Kuwait and Iraq. 
Alexander left the military after 7 years and embarked on his final mission, a mission to find the only person who ever loved him the most – his mother. 
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