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The book will challenge how you think, and cause you to question your moral values. I am not as kind and forgiving a person as Alexander is, and had some of these characters infected my childhood, I have no idea how I would have coped. But Alexander is a better and stronger man than me, and I salute him for having the courage and wisdom to rise above it. 
David Willetts, Defence Editor, The Sun 
It's almost impossible to think there is a story out there like Alexander Khan's. He tells this mind boggling story with searing honesty, heartfelt emotion and bucket loads of wit. He has gone from being a possible Taliban recruit to fighting on the front-line against those who tried to brain wash him. He has risked death threats to tell this tale - It was worth the risk. 
This book was a real eye opener for me. I highly recommend this wonderful life story and I do hope that Alexander Khan goes on to write a further biography. 
BBC Radio Solent, Katie Martin 
As childhoods go Alexander Khan’s was far from idyllic. He was lost, alone, abused, ultimately kidnapped by men from his own family and sent to a fundamental camp on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. 
Bookseller, Waterstones, Jasmine 
In Orphan of Islam, Alexander Khan suffers at the hands of his family and almost everyone around him for having a white mother (and for many other 'crimes') He gets sent away to a Madrassa in Pakistan where he gets bullied by the other boys for being English and tortured by the teachers for being unable to read the Qu'ran. 
Everywhere he turns he is betrayed by those he feels are closest to him. 
An amazing read and I echo the other comment that I hope Alexander Khan writes a further biography, hopefully with a happier story. 
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